the construct: on modernity, contemporaneity, and the fear of the current moment

multimedia sculpture (2019)

single-channel video, stereo sound, heavy-duty black polythene plastic sheeting, extreme weather conditions.
10:27 min./loop, dimension variable.

on modernity, contemporaneity, and the fear of the current moment” is a survey through time and space, attempts to construct an extended gaze on memory as a constant ephemeral variable, re-reading nature as another constantly shapeshifting paradigm, and vaguely speculates the last moments of (an) existing realit(ies)y or the first acknowledgment of (a) new one(s).

The Construct

As you are reading this at this very moment, humanity is experiencing a technological spike that has immensely shed its influence on all aspects of life. Technology does not present itself anymore as an aiding tool but rather as life itself. And the world has turned into a labyrinth of representation, where image-making and consumption are the dominant languages of humanity's contemporary culture.

"The Construct" is a long-term research that focuses on the notion of hyper-reality in conjunction with constructed environments and anthropocentric narratives. It seeks to deploy a multitude of voices that explore the human gaze on itself and its surroundings.

This project attempts to focus particularly on space abstraction, spectacles, singularity, the transcendental moment, and the non-binary.