"Pale Blue and Green,"
These are the colors
of abandonment and dreams.

"Pale Blue and Green," These are the colors of abandonment and dreams.

Can you see these images? I always wonder how to associate myself with them? // Within.

Am I only a witness? Am I missing something here? Do you see these images?

If I say their stories, does it become my story?

Or I become the narrator! // Like god. Subliminal.

It means to me, a giant object or a giant subject. // Sublime.

It doesn’t really matter, or does it?

I see what I see. Do you see what I see?

I mention some of it, but you always ignore the others.

It doesn’t really matter. Or does it?

What is a story anyway?

Is it an accumulation of experiences?

What would you tell when you have to start telling? // The beginning.

I would mention their names. If only I knew them.

Instead, I will mention some so for you to ignore the others.


In the contextual relationality, both objectivity and subjectivity, Matters.

I matter//you matter//it matters...


But what about the matter? Does it really matter?

Camera shutter

Glass shatter

Bones friction

And joints clicking

I can see you... But I can’t see myself.

I see a tower, but the horizon is not there.

I see the water, but I can’t see your reflection.

I see the sky, but I can’t see blue.

I see yellow, and I feel the danger.

I can’t see the man. I see only moving objects.

Camera shutter

I see frames and surveillance.

I see a tree. I see a sea.

I see a man exiting and a light approaching.

I see the threat, but I don’t give a shhhh!


I see a ladder. // Vertigo.

I see a boat and a door.

I see ruins in the shape of a man.

I see crowds and crows.

I see sweet talks.

I see words clumped in throats.

I see an image.

Do you see this image?


I don’t like rhythm. I only find it appealing.

Like sweets, it can give a sugar rush or diabetes. 

Can you see behind the words? //Okay, forget about that.\\

Did you look behind the curtain?

//In the backstage? Under the carpet? Inside your neglected cupboard?\\

Can you see beauty? They say it lies in the eyes of the beholder.

*Can I see them?

Bones friction

Now I see everything, or I pretend to.

Can you see behind the words?

Were you able to flee?

Certain practices of seeing, asking:

What is sublime over the land? What’s in the sea?

Components align.

So I beg you, listen then see.

These were the words that tell a story,

Of the rhythm that enchanted me.


(Camera shutter

Glass shatter

Bones friction

And I am not brave enough to dig in//and get inside.) 3x

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A performative audio piece that dwells on the melancholy of seeing what cannot be seen.

This audio piece was produced in response to a delegation from artist Mohamed Abdelkarim on the occasion of launching his book of scripts titled Let the Sea Eat Me: To Perform a Ferry. The final outcome came after an analysis process of one of the book chapters, followed by a writing process of a new script and then produced in the form of an audio piece.

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