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L Bahr


Creative direction
Logo design
Graphic design
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Tara L Bahr Platform

online platform/printed publication


"Tara L Bahr" was an online platform that deals with cultural and artistic practices and contemporary urban changes in the city of Alexandria, operated between late 2015 and late 2017. Besides the online platform, Tara L Bahr was also released as a printed publication and produced 4 different issues during its years of operation.

"Tara L Bahr" sought to paint a contemporary picture of the city's reality by presenting diverse visions of artistic and cultural events and daily life in Alexandria.

As co-founder, creative/art director, and photograph chief editor of the project, I was responsible for all visual content of the project, from envisioning its visual identity to designing and supervising the implementation of both the printed issues and the online platform.

"Tara L Bahr" was one of Gudran  Association for Arts and Development projects. And was discontinued when the NGO stopped operating.

Tara l bahr logo
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Tara l bahr website

Tara L Bahr Online Platform

Tara l bahr website
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