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Oufuqy Music Forum

music forum


Oufuqy (horizontal) A musical forum presents various types of music over 12 days through a group of musical activities and film screenings, giving a chance to the recipient audience to have daily contact with the music, its makers, its history, and its production field.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Oufuqy's team on creating the graphic designs and visual identity of 2 consecutive editions of the forum (Vol.4 and Vol.5).

I was also commissioned on Vol.4 of the Forum to create short videos that document each day of the forum.

Oufuqy vol.4 logo

Vol.4 Logo


Oufuqy vol.4

Vol.4 Poster

(designer edition)

Vol.4 Short Clips

Duration between 1:30 and 4:00 minutes.

Oufuqy logo

Vol.5 Logo



Vol.5 Poster

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